A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A strategy RPG where generic units can be sacrificed as currency to pay for special abilities to strengthen your hero units. Will you keep all your generic units alive, strike a balance, or sacrifice everyone into powerful abilities for your heroes and hope they make it out the other side?

Please be advised that there is no volume setting for music in-game, so be careful if playing with headphones or a quiet environment!

Art and music by Eric Muentes, development by Yanik Magnan.


sacrificebattle-win32.zip 18 MB
sacrificebattle-win64.zip 18 MB
sacrificebattle-macos.zip 44 MB
sacrificebattle.love.zip 15 MB

Install instructions

macOS users: Due to the tight time window for jam submissions, this application has not been signed with an Apple-approved Developer ID, and may cause a Gatekeeper to block you when you attempt to run it. To bypass this dialog box, right-click on the application and choose Open.

Linux users: you can run our game by running the .love file in the LÖVE 11.2 runtime available for your Linux distribution or that you have compiled from source yourself.

Windows users: you may get a pop-up from Windows Firewall when launching the game. It's my fault, I forgot to disable the (fantastic) lovebird debugger before uploading the game. I'm sorry! Use this opportunity to poke around the insides of the game if you want to (allow the network access and go to localhost:8000 in your browser).

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